Deadly Brew: She Loved Him To Death

A Novel of Romance and Mystery

By T. F. Sisters

A short synopsis…

They say: "you can never have too much money, or have too much love…," or can you?

Murder, intrigue, betrayal, and dark secrets combine to change and destroy the lives of two families.

Samantha James lived the idyllic life. She was a sought after interior designer with two lovely children. Her husband, Grant, owned a successful law practice. She was quite content until Grant met a woman named Sin.

After Grant became involved with Sin, his life took a drastic and tragic turn. A dark secret lurking under the surface takes one life and wreaks havoc on everyone else.

The story takes first one shocking twist, then another, leaving the reader stunned at the turn of events!!!

* * *

“The cover of DEADLY BREW is eye-catching and intriguing. I would definitely grab this book from the shelf and read the back cover copy, which is well written, forming enough questions in my mind to make me want to read the story. T.F. Sisters starts with a fabulous opening hook and does an excellent job of building suspense. The writing is strong, with sympathetic characters and some very sexy scenes. The author shows how quickly a relationship can change and the results of when this happens. Stakes continue to rise throughout the story, building suspense and never letting up.”

2004 Judge’s Critique

11th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards

* * *

“I needed seatbelts for all the twists! Wow!!!!! I just reviewed this book for one of my publishers and have nominated it for the Marley Award. What a read! Order a copy right now. You will not be disappointed. Even if you know how it ends, you will still be riveted in place until you have completed reading it. It is an OUTSTANDING book! (Yes. I did yell for emphasis.)”

Reviewer: Alicia Karen Elkins, July 16, 2003

Copyright © 2002 T.F. Sisters, All rights reserved